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my why

from womb, to earthside, to children services + restraining orders, to loss of my idol, & precancerous cells in my uterus. 

I remember being told a long time ago that “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

“your body will talk to you.


you just need to take a moment and listen”

— heidi morgan

At Lacuna + Lucidity Wellness Co. the mission is curating a safe and empowering connection with your body, mind + soul within every healing experience. “let the light in” is inspired by embracing the darkness you hold or have endured + to allow the light of healing to navigate your journey home into your body & to find the healing you deserve.



My experiences with Richel have been life changing. Every time I walk into a session I’m over taken with a feeling of comfort, being understood and accepted as I am. Richel has the ability to ask really tough, thought provoking questions that force you to dig deep inside for the answers. That’s where the real work starts. I have personally been guided by Richel through my own personal growth and healing. I would highly recommend seeking out assistance from Richel to anyone ready and willing to put the hard work and energy into your healing journey.

- Janelle

If you are reading this do yourself a favour and book in to see Richel. It was the best decision I have ever made! 

As she will tell you working with her is not an overnight miracle but, it is nothing short of magical. After my first session with her I was hooked, it is so worth it that I drive almost 2.5 hours each way to see her. I am forever grateful that I met Richel, working with her has been the best thing I never knew I needed. There are not enough words that can express how much working with Richel has changed my life for the better. I have tried many traditional therapies in the past, but this is the first one I have found that truly has made a large impact in my healing. 

- Stephanie

Richel is amazing at what she does. I was a bit sceptical and nervous at first but She truly has changed my life, helped me get rid of traumas that I didn’t even know were affecting my life as drastically as they were. My sessions with her were extremely intense and emotional but it was so worth it. In a very short time I have noticed a huge change in myself, my family and friends are even noticing how much happier and less anxious I am. Not only that but she has also helped with my physical pain and headaches. She is an all around healer, and I would recommend her any day of the week.

- Sydnie

Lacuna + Lucidity Wellness

thoughts expressed


journal prompts, abstract perspective, inspiration through connection, healing guidebooks… and so much more! 

At times when I couldn’t speak; I wrote. 

At times when I couldn’t understand; I read.

At times when I couldn’t make it through another day; I asked Universe to show me the way. 

So here we are, this is my path.

This is what I have been guided to do + this is my platform for all of the above. 

To share pieces of my story, to share some of my perspectives, & to share tools I have used to work through my own trauma. 

Come connect with me as I express my thoughts!