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“learn to read symptoms not only as problems to be overcome but as messages to be heeded.”

- Gabor Mate


through seeking my own healing, the power of our body's innate ability to heal became transparent + changed the trajectory of my life; it was never the plan to be a trauma release + somatic practitioner.

sometimes life brings us down a path that leads us exactly where we are meant to be.

it's an absolute honour to be able to guide you back home into your body + let the light in.

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trauma release

This is an intuitive healing system that uses a comprehensive look at what your body is highlighting as “top priority" by working with your shadow; this is where we hold our pain, our challenges, & where we've endured suffering or trauma. 

Through the connection between your higher self, and myself I am able to navigate 75 different charts as your body and innate wisdom guides me to what the priorities are.

This leads to the beginning of each session making every one unique + different.

We then move into the bodywork where I uncover deep rooted trauma within your physical + energetical body.

This stagnant energy is then able to be shifted, and released to allow for flow to return to the body, mind, and soul through the complimentary use of essential oils, sound + crystal therapies; every session is truly an experience.

Just as each soul is unique + extraordinary, so is every session.

body talk

BodyTalk is a whole body health care that aids your body in healing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wounds + brings the body back into balance and alignment.

Prior to starting, permission is obtained via muscle testing to ensure that the body-mind is optimally ready and willing to fully address health at all levels.

Areas of priority are determined through a chart system by working with your body’s innate knowledge where imbalances, dysfunctions, & disturbances are in the body's systems.

Priority concerns are navigated + addressed through muscle testing this then leads an array of specific techniques that all are non-invasive + tap into the body’s natural system of healing.

These are then addressed through techniques using light touch and tapping the top of the head, over the gut brain, & the heart center.

  • 133 Canadian dollars

sacred circle

Circle is a sacred space for ceremony to be held within a group of women. This is a place of understanding, non judgement, & connection.

Within this container you will be guided through multiple different tools to add to your "healing toolbox" such as: grounding, somatic bodywork practices & guidance surrounding  specific effects of each new + full moon.

This group meets biweekly + is highly transformative.

Any + all women who are looking to find a group of like minded souls.

A safe space to navigate your healing journey + find tools to use in your daily life.

Group healing is truly transformative + I highly encourage anyone who is feeling called to circle to find the courage to see what it’s all about!


private ceremonies

this is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate milestones in your life! 

in this offering you get to invite the important individuals you want to share this time with in a completely customized + intentional ceremony that is individually curated for your memorable life events, such as:

- motherway blessings

- baby blessings

- birthday celebrations

- home/business blessings

- bridal blessings

*if you have something you are wanting to commemorate, send a message below + we can create something completely special!


anchor into your healing

let's let the light in

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