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Sep 7, 2023 - Oct 19, 2023

Embracing Motherhood

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a journey. This offering has been three years in the making, it is something so near + dear to my heart. This is where I started my journey; to try to understand my body, the pull between thinking I was ready for motherhood, & deep down doubting I deserved to have it. Fear that I would pass along my trauma to children, feeling like I wouldn’t know how to deal with my triggers. Scared of the triggers I didn’t know were lurking beneath the surface. Little did I know, these feelings, questions, thoughts were the beginning of it all. This asked me to honor the reverence of motherhood, to hold the sanctity of this role. That if I wanted to ask a child to come into my space, I would need to be willing to ask myself some honest questions + put in some elbow grease. That the work I was willing to put in, would reflect out in my daily life. This seven week offering is all about preparing any woman for the journey + initiation of motherhood. This is for those who one day want to be a mother, those already preparing, pregnant or twenty years into motherhood. Due to the nature of this offering, there will be an application to be completed prior to being able to register. This offering is going to ask you to dig deep, to take a different perspective, to anchor into what you truly desire of this journey. So if you’re feeling the call, connect with me! It’s time, to let the light in ✨

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