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my why

From womb, to earthside, to children services + restraining orders, to loss of my idol, & precancerous cells in my uterus. I remember being told a long time ago that “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

At the age of eleven I ran into the hallway out of my english class sobbing. My teacher had been telling us about her divorce she was currently struggling with and was apologizing for how she had been showing up as. When she came out of the class, obviously confused she asked me what was wrong. My reply was short “I think I need to tell someone what’s happening at home.”

Growing up it seemed as if it was all normal, that it was just how our family worked; that it was normal to be scared to get off the bus somedays after school, that extreme fatigue due to stress caused me to fall asleep at any time. That we were the perfect children, well behaved, so diligent in school, and hard workers. That’s all anyone ever wanted to see. The bloodshot eyes from crying, and discolorations of my face that was patched over with makeup, and the complete emotional shutdown was never talked about. Because it was easier. It was less messy. In a small town you don’t ‘air your dirty laundry’. This metamorphosed into dreaming about driving into the lake on my drive home from school, to swerving into oncoming traffic, or taking too much of the medication in the pill cabinet. From ‘not expressing the whole truth’ in court to have an entire family attend the graduation of a sister, to packing belongs in garbage bags wishing this would be the time we left + never came back. But it wasn’t. It never was the last time. The rollercoaster of trauma response severing + ripping the soul and body apart then attempts to patch it back together until the next time.

Trauma is not pretty. It’s not delicate. It’s painful etchings of stories charred into someone’s soul, into their thoughts, into their core beliefs. It is extraordinary to see the strength that someone can have in the face of tragedy. But where is the crowd cheering when the battle is won? When the pieces start to fall apart? When the bindings + bandages fall away.

This. This is why I am so diligent in my work. Because I will be there, I am here to guide you back, I am here to mend those wounds, to show you your beauty even if you find it ugly. I see you. I know you. I have been you. I am you. You are not alone. Will I just do it for you? No. I will not. Because I can’t. I do not know the pieces that you now want to make your soul a part of; as souls we are changing, evolving, and perfecting ourselves every moment of everyday. Which means I cannot tell you which pieces to keep and which to throw away. I cannot tell you where they go. But I am here to guide, to light the way out of the darkness.

I am here for you. I am here to tell you that your trauma is not something that was “unfortunate” “a hardship” or “a battle won”, it is a piece of your story that we now get to work with. A piece of you that doesn’t have to fit, or feel good, or be normalized. I am here to guide you back into your body; back home.

So are you ready to let the light in?

my mission

At Lacuna + Lucidity Wellness Co. the mission is curating a safe and empowering connection with your body, mind + soul within every healing experience.

“let the light in” is inspired by embracing the darkness you hold or have endured + to allow the light of healing to navigate your journey home into the body & to find the healing you deserve.

let the light in

Back in October 2020 my health took a turn. I was very angry + struggled to let go of trauma related to my stroke at 29 years old. Richel is one of my friends and I decided that it was time to let her beautiful soul in with her special touch to help heal and release the anger I had towards everything I was struggling with between work, health and family. I was very skeptical at first going to do the Trauma Release because I didn’t know what it was all about, but I told myself that I was going to be open minded. I am forever grateful for allowing Richel to help me on my healing journey by showing me how the universe has your back and if you truly believe in it, it will guide you. Richel is truly amazing and gives tips and suggestions on how to feel better to help release the daily struggles. Since my session she has been there for me when I needed to just chat. I am forever grateful for her love, support and advice. I recommend anyone who is struggling with any sort of trauma to see her and see what a beautiful soul she truly is.

- Desiree

Working with Richel has brought my heart back home.
To a space in my life that I can easily shift away from because ‘dealing’ with the trauma can feel too overwhelming, Richel’s light has made working through past and current traumas feel weightless.
I am always welcomed with an open heart, accepted – and given the space I need to heal, and then end up leaving with a freedom that feels like a breath of fresh air and wants you only wanting more. I can hardly wait to go back again after just having a session today.
If you are searching for a space of acceptance, love – and a place to work through the trauma that have been weighing you down, please – don’t hesitate to book your session with Richel.
Her caring soul, passion for her work and change in my life with forever be a light I continue to have burning in my journey.
- Megan

Richel is a co-worker & friend of mine. She has such a kind, gentle soul and giving nature. She brings comfort and warmth wherever she is. For someone like myself, who believed I didn’t have a lot of “trauma”, my first Trauma Release session with Richel had me by surprise. Surprised by how she knew, explained and helped me understand my own fears and trauma. She explained to me the meaning of trauma. Not only was my session very eye opening and enlightening, but extremely emotional. Richel is so trusting and makes it so comforting and easy to open up. I left with so many feelings and thoughts running through my head but most important a better understanding of my mind, body and the connection between the two & it’s importantance. I’m learning to listen to my body. Richel gave me the tools I needed, which I now try to practice everyday. I appreciate everything I’ve learnt from her and her checking up with me often. Truly such a beautiful person with an amazing gift to help people!

- Darci