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1.5-2hR Appointment

Trauma Release Session

What is Trauma Release?

This is an intuative healing system that uses a comprehensive look at what your body is highlighting as “top priority.” Through the connection between your higher self, and myself I am able to navigate 75 different charts, which leads the begining of each session making every one unique + different. We then move into the bodywork where I uncover deep rooted trauma within your physical + energetical body. This stagnant energy is then able to be shifted, and released to allow for flow to return to the body, mind, and soul. 

Who can this benefit?

Trauma has been normalized by society and professionals for years; they have minimized individuals experinces and bodily reactions, which have in turn made the human race believe that trauma is something “unexplainably tragic”. However, I am here to tell you that is not true. Trauma is anything that has broken us away from ourselves; from our soul + purpose. Therefore trauma can literally be anything that has impacted you. There is no “worse” trauma here. There is no “justisfication” of what you’ve had to go through. You are unique, your perspective of life + your experiences are unique, and that makes your trauma so very unique. 


What does a session look like?

Just as each soul is unique + extraordinary, so is every session. The general outline of how I am guided is about the same starting with your charts in which I pull before I have even met you. I use a pendulum + chart system of 75 different charts with anywhere from five to fifty five different options on them, while your body and innate wisdom guides me to what the priorities are. We then sit + connect, establishing a sacred connection in my eyes as we dive into why it is you’ve seeked my assistance. Once any needed initiations are made we then move into the bodywork. My mission is curating a safe and empowering connection with your body, mind + soul-  making every session different. Along with the complimentary use of essential oils, sound + crystal therapies; every session is truly an experience.



45-60min appointment

Body Talk Session

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a whole body health care that aids your body in healing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wounds + brings the body back into balance and alignment. I work with your body to navigate which priorites need to be addressed through muscle testing. This leads me into an array of specific techniques that all are non-invasive + tap into the body’s natural system of healing.

The foundational knowledge that makes BodyTalk so revolunationary comes from a multitude of modalites such as: chiropractic, acupuncture, kinesiology, bioenergetics, and osteopathy. 

Who can this benefit?

The foundational purpose for BodyTalk is to bring balance and realignment to the mind, body, and spirit. This makes this modality effective for a multitude of ailments + dysfunctions. The BodyTalk System does not diagnose or address diseases on a symptom level; it creates an energy balance in the body that involves the body’s own innate restorative powers. It can be used as a stand alone system to address all physical, mental and emotional health issues and can also be integrated to support any other healthcare modality to enhance its effectiveness and promote even faster healing.

BodyTalk has commonly addressed many of the following with great success: Digestive Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Stress, Sports Injuries, Emotional Disorders, Learning Disorders, Arthritis, Headaches, Back Pain, Infections, Pain and Allergies.

What does a session look like?

Prior to starting, permission is obtained via muscle testing to ensure that the bodymind is optimally ready and willing to fully address health at all levels. Areas of priority are determined through a chart system by working with your body’s innate knowing. These are then addressed through techniques using light touch and tapping the top of the head, over the brain, and the center of the chest, over the heart.
Tapping the head focuses the brain on evaluating and restoring the lacking communication between the brain and the body. Tapping over the stomach is the embodiment button, this is where the changes are made + where your body decides to accept healing + realignment. Tapping over the heart is the equivalent of pressing the save button on your computer, and enables permanent storage of this new healthy communication within the bodymind.

Once the body has addressed the utmost priorites the session will come to an end. End of session is never decided by the practitioner but by your own body which is portrayed through muscle testing. Your body will use it’s innate healing abilities to make the changes needed, so it is normal to notice a shift from the day of your session, and for days – weeks after. 


$111.0 — this a distance session only

2.5 Hr GroupWork 

Sacred Circle 

What is Sacred Circle?

Circle is a sacred space for ceremony to be held within a group of women. This is a place of understanding, non judgement, & connection. 

Within this container you will be guided through multiple different tools to add to your “healing toolbox”. To show up for what you are asking for in your daily life. Finding guidance, grounding, & understanding for why you may be feeling the effects of each new + full moon. 

Group healing is highly transformative when you allow yourself to show up in your authenticity. 

Who can this benefit?

Any + all women who are looking to find a group of like minded souls. A safe space to navigate your healing journey + find tools to use in your daily life. Group healing is truly transformative + I highly encourage anyone who is feeling called to circle to find the courage to see what it’s all about! 

What does a session look like?

Each circle is in conjunction with the energy of Mother Moon, within her phases of New or Full Moon energy. Within this energy we gather to ground into our bodies, into our essence. To connect with each other and allow the ability to work with our breath activation, light body movement, & other tools to shift any stagnant energy being held in our minds + bodies. Rebalancing, reconnecting & finding our inner peace.




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