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I am asked the question frequently “how did you get into this kind of work?”

I get it, we are programmed by our parents, by school, by the world itself to ask the WHY, or the HOW to everything that we expose ourselves to. I’ve had my own questions of things that happen in the world around me, and I asked myself this question for a very long time. To me it almost feels as if I was always on this road, at times without even knowing it.I now look back and see that from the moment I was conceived something had me on the trajectory of leading me to this point. 

How? How do I feel my Baba + Gido around me, how do I see them when I find myself in places where I feel safe? They both had passed by the time I was 4 years old. So am I just imagining it now? But how can I FEEL them touch me.  I had convinced myself that my mind must be playing tricks on me. 

But I’ve come to understand that my brain is not broken, that I don’t just have one hell of an imagination, or that I am “troubled”.

I now know I’m none of the above, I am a clairvoyant. 

What does that mean? In the French language it means “the clear seeing”, & lots of people are able to receive information in this way. But genuine clairvoyants are considered to be truly gifted with the ability to give accurate interpretations of the images that they see, and to deliver their insights in an understandable format. This combined with my soul’s ability to heal, is what provides me the gift to work with unique and important souls, just like you.

I am gifted; just like you, and everyone else in the world. 

We all have gifts, gifts that our soul’s have lived many lives with. These gifts are unique to each of us, they propel us forward into the journey’s of life that we decide to take. & just like our innate intuition and innate healing abilities, they are like a muscle. The more you work with it, the more you validate and express it the more it will grow, the more evident it will get, and soon others will notice it. 

This happened when I was just nine years old, when I went to a tarot reader. I sat down at her table at a trade show, and she told me “child you are a healer + you heal with your hands”. This along with many other life experiences set the trajectory of my life, I set myself onto a path on what I thought was my purpose. I had decided my options were to be either a nurse or a doctor, I have chosen the nursing route in my life + am so grateful for all that it has taught me. Good + bad, it has given me a deeper understanding of the body, the functions of our systems in a western medical perspective, and it’s also shown me the detrimental gaping holes in our healthcare system. The segregation of the mind and body, the isolation of emotion out of our bodies, the “maintenance” of chronic conditions without answers, the laziness of humans also looking to someone to tell them whats wrong with them + how they should fix themselves.

It came down to a moment when I was working through a diagnosis of precancerous cells in my uterus, after I had tried multiple different medications that made me so sick, to surgery to remove the cells, and after a year and half I said no. After hearing “this is just something you have to maintain” “we aren’t sure what is causing this” & “this is just how your body works”. 

I was done. I was fed up with not having answers, or the feeling that my body was my enemy + something to be ashamed of. 

So I came back to my roots, I came back into looking at my body as a whole + began the search for practitioners who could work with me. 

I asked the Universe, my guides, and my angels for help to find the answers in which I was seeking. 

This led me to charting system that I could use to heal my own body, and to BodyTalk, BreatheWork, Akashic Records, Dreamwork + sound therapy. Along with modalities I had used for years prior; journaling, oracle cards, meditation, and aroma + crystal therapy, which have all led me to this moment. 

This moment of being guided from the universe and my soul to bring my gifts into the world where I get to express myself. Express myself through my healing, through my story, through connection with you. 

So thank you for being here. 

& as always, let the light in